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We wanted to get the ride experience on a Moto4Rent motorcycle as close as possible to the use of your own personal ride. We wrote the following terms and conditions to get everything simpler and efficient for everyone involved when it comes to reserving and renting a motorcycle. We synthesized everything below, along with a useful FAQ. Most of these info will be found in the motorcycle rental contract signed upon pickup.

Rental T&C

  • The minimum age for renting a motorcycle is 21 years old, while having a valid A or A2 drivers licence is mandatory.
  • We include in the rental price: one helmet (and balaclava), a pair of gloves, knee and elbow protectors, a tank-bag. For a fee, we can provide additional equipment (jacket, pants, rain suit).
  • The motorcycles are rebted for at least one day. A rental day is considered over a period of 24 hours starting at the rental time.
  • The renting price is paid when receiving the motorcycle; it depends on the number of days rented and the bike model.
  • If the motorcycle is returned earlier than the date agreed in the contract, according to the number of days paid, there are no refunds for the days left of the contract. If the rental period was extended by both parties' agreement, the difference will be calculated and paid when returning the motorcycle.
  • The deposit for the motorcycle rental is paid in advance, the amount varying with the chosen motorcycle model.
  • The motorcycle is received with a full gas tank and will be returned the same way. Othwerwise, the necessary amount to fill the tank will be held from the deposit.
  • Damaging or loosing the motorcycle gear received (helmet, protectors, tank-bag) will be compensated by helding the necessary amount to repair or replace the affected equipment
  • Loosing or damaging the motorcycle papers will be compensated by deducting a 100 ron fee from the deposit
  • In case of a damage inflicted to the motorcycle, the necessary amount for the repairs will be held from the deposit. The rest of the deposit will be refunded after having the repairs estimations performed by a motorcycle service center. If the cost of the repairs exceeds the deposit, the difference must be paid by the customer.
  • In case of loosing or destroying the motorcycle ignition key, the necessary amount for replacing it will be held from the deposit. This means 30 ron for a standard key or 500 ron in case of the electronic chip equiped key.

Pick-up T&C

  • The motorcycles must be picked-up from Moto4Rent's site or from a mutually agreed pick-up point in Bucharest, for a fee.
  • Before picking-up the motorcycle, the customer presents his/her valid drivers license, the identity card, signs the rental contract written with his/her personal data, then pays the deposit and the rental price.

Reservation T&C

  • Reservations can be made by telephone or by mail, (please leave a telephone number for confirmation).
  • In order have a firm reservation for the desired date interval, a payment in advance is required, equal to 20% of the rental price. Without the payment in advance, the rule of first came - first served is applied.
  • Any modification in the terms of the reservation (cancelling, postponing) requested by the customer after the final (firm) reservation implies loosing the payment in advance.

Returning T&C

  • The motorcycles are returned within the contract specified hour, at Moto4Rent's site, or at a mutually agreed pick-up point in Bucharest, for a fee.
  • Late return of the motorcycle but with no more than 2 hours upon the contract specified time will be charged with the equivalent of half the price for a rental day.
  • Late return of the motorcycle with more than 2 hours upon the contract specified time will be charged with the equivalent of the price for a rental day
  • If the returned motorcycle is not clean, 30 ron will be held from the deposit as the necessary amount for cleaning it